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Drilling: Opening up new frontiers 

Directional drilling services that navigate through miles of rock with unbelievable precision. Tubular running services that are used on almost half of the world’s deepwater drilling projects. Liner systems that have been proven in world-record, extended-reach drilling applications. Our drilling capabilities span from market-leading well construction services to high-performance drilling and evaluation capabilities.

: Developing new dimensions in measurement
Logging-while-drilling technology that has set three new world records. Open-hole wireline services that provide some of the fastest and most reliable data. Geoscience services that help maximize assets for the life of a well. A full suite of well testing and production services. These are the new measurement capabilities that Weatherford has added to its traditional mechanical offerings core.

Completion: Meeting the toughest challenges 

More than 600 expandable sand screen systems (ESS®) installed worldwide (no other company comes close to this record). Two thousand subsurface safety valves installed without a reported failure. Intelligent completion systems that surpassed the 1 million mark for cumulative hours of optical sensing and the 100 mark for number of optical pressure/temperature gauge installations. Our completion offerings have grown over the years from conventional completion offerings to engineered and integrated systems for complex and challenging environments.

Production: Getting more out of the reservoir 

Production optimization systems installed in more than 40,000 wells around the globe. The industry’s only provider of all forms of artificial lift. The industry’s largest fleet of on-site generated membrane nitrogen production units in the world. Our production offerings have grown from just providing the hardware to sophisticated software solutions that maximize reservoir recovery and optimize field production.

Intervention: Repairing and giving more life to wells
Over 1,000 casing exits run worldwide. The industry’s most experienced fishing hands. Thru-tubing services that enable production with existing wellbore infrastructure. Abandonment and decommissioning services with versatile and highly reliable expertise and equipment. Our intervention services have grown from a strong core of fishing to some of the latest technologies in casing exits and thru-tubing drilling motors.

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