• Mitigating drilling hazards in Offshore Mexico
    Weatherford leverages liner drilling experience in the GoM to recommend best practices to overcome unstable formations and loss circulation zones. The company’s drilling-with-liner DwL™)system eliminates a contingent liner string and ultimately saves a Mexican operator $4.5MM USD.
  • Optimizing Well Architecture in Offshore California
    Weatherford helped an operator safely run a 9 5/8-in. liner, in one trip, in an ultra-extended-reach drilling (UERD) project in Offshore California. A unique floating technique was employed to overcome high frictional forces when running liner in the horizontal section. The floating technique caused the liner to be buoyant; requiring the need to safely “push” the liner in the well. Weatherford’s OverDrive™ top drive casing running system enabled the client to run, rotate and push down 27,255-ft (8,307-m) of liner with deviations of up to 84°– an industry record for an offshore, fixed platform application.
  • Drilling the Undrillable in Trinidad
    Weatherford’s well engineering and project management teams helped engineer and deliver a comprehensive technology solution to drill and case two critical hole sections in multiple wells to mitigate unstable formations and loss zones. Prior to this plan, the project was deemed technically and commercially unviable. Our engineering services will be used through the execution phase of the project.
  • An Integrated Approach to Delivering High-Integrity Casing Strings to Total Depth
    Through early engagement during feasibility stages, service providers can more effectively improve performance and cost certainty. Using this approach, our Total Depth services combine a full portfolio of well-construction technologies, well engineering and project management to deliver safe, efficient, and secure casing installations.
  • Engineering Drilling/Reaming with Casing into Your Well Program
    Drilling with casing as a technique is increasingly garnering attention from drillers looking for a novel way to simultaneously improve drilling efficiency and mitigate hazards. Designing drilling/reaming with casing techniques into the initial well design in fields where known problems occur can significantly increase operational performance and economics.