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We provide everything from a comprehensive line of products for conventional completion in benign reservoir applications to engineered and integrated completion systems for complex and challenging environments.

Expandable completion systems that address traditional completion design challenges related to commingled production, segregated production, maximization of rates and drawdown control.
Our most recently developed system combines our ESS® expandable sand screen system, EZI™ compliant-expanded solid tubular, and unexpanded blank pipe to enable zonal isolation. You get the benefits of high-productivity open-hole completions with cased hole zonal isolation functionality.

Premium, pre-pack and wire wrap conventional sand screens, including the FloReg™ line of inflow control devices that balance horizontal wellbore production, ultimately maximizing reservoir drainage.

Our cased-hole completion technologies have been extended over recent years to address more arduous “premium” applications. Our Optimax series of surface-controlled subsurface safety valves are the most reliable in the industry. Linked to this is the ongoing development of downhole flow controls that help avoid formation damage and improve completion installation efficiency.

Weatherford adopted the proven reliability of hydraulic-control technology for intelligent well completions that reduce operating costs and increase reservoir recovery. These systems integrate HellCat™2 intelligent completion packers and ROSS® remotely operated sliding sleeves with in-well permanent monitoring systems.

Our new Intelligent Screens™ system combines two highly effective and successful Weatherford technologies—well screens and optical sensing—to enable safe, easy, permanent monitoring across perforated intervals and open-hole sections in sand-control completions.

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