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Downhole Control Valves

You’ll discover a premium cased-hole completions provider and a high-value resource to help you design the most efficient completions for your well. Weatherford offers a complete suite of downhole control valves—barrier valves, check valves, fluid-loss valves and sliding sleeves. Simplify your completion programs and maintain production control with Weatherford. Our valves offer premium performance by design for the most demanding applications—high pressure/high temperature, multilateral wells, sand control and multizonal completions.

FormationSaver valve is the advanced downhole control valve with a tri-flapper self-piloting unit, combined with a safety-valve style primary seal—achieving totally remote actuation of the valve at temperatures up to 600˚F (315˚C). Its unique design protects against formation-damaging fluid loss and conserves expensive kill fluids.

OptiSet valve is a one-way flapper valve that reduces fluid loss and holds pressure from above, providing a simple way to set packers. Once installed, the OptiSet valve enables the tubing to self-fill, so there is no need for a separate auto-fill sub. The flapper is locked open when functioning, producing no debris in the wellbore.

OptiSet FL fluid-loss valve is a large-bore liner or production tool designed as a unidirectional barrier to prevent fluid loss to the formation during the installation and completion phases of well construction. The flapper is locked open when functioning, producing no debris in the wellbore.

OptiSleeve sliding sleeve is a tubing-mounted device used to regulate flow from individual producing zones or to control communication between the tubing and the annulus. With only one internal thread, the OptiSleeve unit minimizes leak paths and works with B shifting tools. Its nonelastomeric seals are chemically inert, making this sleeve the prime choice for hostile environments.

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