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Gravel Pack and Frac Pack Systems

To keep formation sand in place and retain potentially erosive and damaging formation solids out of the well stream, gravel packing is a time-tested method.
Weatherford offers a portfolio of gravel pack and frac pack systems for wide range of well conditions, casing sizes and treatment styles to meet your economic needs. Whether the well is a marginal producer in a shallow, unconsolidated sand, cased hole environment or a deep, highly deviated, tight sand formation, Weatherford has the fit-for-purposes gravel pack and frac pack choices.
To ensure gravel pack success, Weatherford offers shunt-tube technology (STT) shunted screens designed to allow slurry to bypass sections that have bridged prematurely or become obstructed during gravel-pack operations. With multiple apertures located along the packing tubes in each screen, flow is redirected through the shunt tube system and the shunted screens more uniformly distribute the gravel or the slurry across the wellbore.

New approach to sand control. SandAid conglomeration technology increases the maximum sand-free rate (MSFR) to boost total reservoir performance.  This one-of-a-kind patented chemical increases the bond between reservoir particles, reducing watercut, and retaining fines.

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Gravel Pack and Frac Pack System
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