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Hydraulic Intelligent Completion

Weatherford’s Hydraulic Intelligent Completion System offers a remotely operated, all-hydraulic system that allows completion alterations—without wellbore intervention—when reservoir conditions change.

Depending upon overall well objectives, our simple, reliable system provides open-and-close functionality to control either production or injection into the various reservoir intervals. Special components, designed with simple interfaces, are easily integrated with fiber-optic permanent monitoring technology for data acquisition and remote flow control.

Beyond supplying completion products and installation services, Weatherford provides products and services for surface-control units and control-line services—including spooling units, cable protectors and control fluid services.

Weatherford’s hydraulic-based system achieves well objectives with a complete range of functional flow-control devices:

  • ROSS® remotely operated sliding sleeve provides open-close functionality.
  • ROSS®-T remotely operated thermal sliding sleeve applies the simplicity and reliability of the ROSS for SAGD, steam cycling and production applications.
  • HellCat™ series offers feed-through production and isolation packers.
  • A fully automated surface control panel provides system functionality from a remote location.
  • Filter subs maintain control-line fluid cleanliness to extend equipment reliability.
  • Splice subs enable pre-plumbing of subassemblies for faster installation.
  • Pressure relief valves provide control of two valves with only two control lines from the surface.

Together with our proven system components, other completion accessories and associated surface control systems, discover premium performance from Weatherford for simple, reliable, cost-effective intelligent wells.

Discover Premium Performance

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