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As operations continue to move into deeper water depths that are further from shore, the challenges have become more complex geologically and logistically.  Reservoir analysis and core studies as well as upfront planning and testing have become imperative to ensure the reliability and sustainability of the completion design. 

The need for effective sand control in deepwater environments is essential. Our sand-control offering starts with our integrated subsurface engineering team reviewing your reservoir parameters and recommending available sand control options with risk/benefit analysis.

These options include ESS® expandable sand screens, which have proven successful at extreme depths; they offer the added benefits of saving rig time and reducing costs. In addition our direct, wire-wrap screens provide maximum robustness for this challenging application and our proprietary, chemical sand-control solution—our SandAid® service—presents a more economical alternative to conventional approaches. Rounding out our portfolio, our inflow control devices are designed to provide uniform distribution of inflow in horizontal and deviated wells, and to reduce water or gas coning for more efficient reservoir drainage.

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