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We have created a portfolio of drilling services and products that make well construction safer, reduce nonproductive time and enhance reservoir deliverability.

Directional Drilling Services 
Improving drilling efficiency and performance with superior directional drilling, measurement-while-drilling (MWD), logging-while-drilling (LWD) and rotary-steerable (RSS) systems engineered for reliable and repeatable performance in all well types, under any conditions.

Secure Drilling Services
Secure DrillingSM services
offering an alternative to conventional drilling methods when drilling hazards, formation damage and speed are of particular concern. Our Secure Drilling services incorporate several drilling techniques— including air drilling, managed pressure drilling and underbalanced drilling—and associated technologies to optimize drilling performance, minimize formation damage and mitigate hazards.

Drilling with Casing
Drilling-with-casing (DWC™) and drilling-with-liner systems that permit the simultaneous drilling, casing and evaluation of oil and natural gas wells. The technologies eliminate downhole complexity, reducing expensive rig modifications and the number of trips downhole.

Drilling Fluids and Drilling Waste Management
Weatherford provides a comprehensive range of drilling fluid systems, drilling additives and drilling waste management equipment and services to the oil gas industry. Our focus is to fully integrate drilling fluids and drilling waste management into the well construction process.

Well Construction 
OverDrive™ casing running and drilling system that does what conventional tools cannot: rotate and push down the casing while running to help prevent differential sticking and achieve high-speed string rotation with the top drive when drilling with casing. It also removes people from hazardous rig floor operations to reduce risk exposure.
Cementing tools such as the patented MudMaster™ II filter shoe, designed for use in critical environments and high-inclination wells especially sensitive to surge pressure and well debris.

MetalSkin® expandable tubular technology that reduces installation risks while driving down well construction costs and mitigating drilling hazards.

Drilling Tools 
, a complete mechanical friction-reduction system designed for extended-reach wells. Reduces torque, drag, casing wear, tool-joint wear and differential sticking while also improving directional control, ROP and hole cleaning.

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