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Cementing Products

Today’s wellbore configurations are becoming increasingly more complex with demanding requirements for proper cementing operations. As operations move into deeper waters and unconventional applications, with extended reach laterals, higher pressures and higher temperatures, the cementing equipment needs to not only meet these requirements, but exceed them. In addition, proper planning and execution are crucial elements of the operation.

For more than half a century, the industry has depended on Weatherford to provide top-quality equipment for primary cementing operations in the world’s toughest operating environments. Our portfolio is unmatched with the world’s largest and most complete line of technologies available. From centralizers and float equipment to our exclusive surge reduction and friction reduction tools, each product is engineered to deliver superior value and unsurpassed reliability for total cement integrity.

We provide more than just products, we provide service. Weatherford’s experienced cementing engineers can analyze your well and make detailed recommendations to assist you in selecting and installing the optimal equipment for your well design. In addition, our exclusive CentraPro Plus® centralizer placement software can provide you with a detailed casing centralization plan so you can reach total depth with confidence.

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Cementing Products and Equipment

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