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Float  Equipment

Float equipment serves as the backbone of casing equipment used during primary cementing operations. Float equipment guides the casing to total depth and prevents contaminated mud from entering the casing. Also, it provides a landing point for casing wiper plugs, reinforces the lower end of the casing string, and ensures greater accuracy of cement slurry displacement.

Weatherford offers field-proven technologies that are durable and resistant to wear, withstand long periods of circulation with highly abrasive fluids, and are rotary or PDC drillable. Our portfolio includes a complete line of precision-made float technologies including: float valves, float collars, guide shoes, reamer shoes, and dart launching cementing heads.

Our latest innovations include:

Retractable Shoe Joint can solve potential problems with cement placement at the bottom of an open hole. It allows casing to be run to depth, and casing hanger set in the wellhead with up to 40 ft of fill or cover-up enlarged rat hole sections.

Plug Locator System eliminates errors in cement displacement volumes by producing a recognizable indicator when a cementing top plug passes through an indicator collar at a predetermined distance above the float or landing collar in the casing string.

Dart Catcher provides a surface indication of the precise location of a cement plug and the cement displacement. An indicating dart passes through a restriction inside the tool and creates a pressure increase detected at the surface. After the pressure indication, pumping can be reduced or terminated immediately, avoiding cement overdisplacement. The tool is retrievable after cementing.

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Float Family Equipment

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