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Drilling Hazard Mitigation

Wellbore instability. Overpressure and underpressured zones. Shallow flows. Neutralize these and other common drilling hazards before they become serious problems.

Weatherford’s drilling hazard mitigation (DHM) specialists will help guide you through a phased approach to identify and mitigate drilling hazards to make previously undrillable wells drillable.

Explore the hazards 
We collaborate with you to generate a comprehensive drilling hazard assessment We explore data from adjacent wells, and also our wide body of data and expertise.

Engineer the well 
Our specialists work with you to develop a customized DHM strategy, resulting in an enhanced well design, detailed drilling program and reduced drilling AFE (authority for expenditure). The program could include one or more of our three core DHM technologies: managed pressure drilling, drilling-with-casing (DwC™) / drilling-with-liner (DwL™) and solid expandable systems.  

Execute the plan 
We support you in taking the outline drilling program and AFE from the Engineer phase to field execution, and our DHM specialists offer you guidance on our full range of products and services. 

Drilling Hazard Mitigation Tech
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