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Directional Drilling Services

From routine to extreme conditions, Weatherford sets the standard for speed, accuracy, and reliability in directional drilling services.

Weatherford’s directional drilling services help you drill efficiently and drain reservoirs that require complex well trajectories. Our applications range from heavy oil to tight, unconventional gas and from maintaining vertical control to drilling extended-reach horizontal wellbores. 

LWD sensors
Weatherford’s LWD systems are among the fastest in the industry, capable of delivering wireline-quality logging data at drilling speeds up to 122 m (400 ft) per hour. They are engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, pressures, well depths as well as dogleg severity.They also offer enhanced signal detection and unsurpassed resistance to drilling shock and vibration, improving the accuracy and reliability of real-time data.

MWD and surveying services
Operational excellence, precise placement and cost certainty are routine with Weatherford’s broad portfolio of MWD and surveying services, designed to meet the demands of every drilling environment.

Revolution® rotary-steerable systems
Our point-the-bit Revolution rotary-steerable systems negotiate complex wellpaths to build directional, horizontal, extended reach and vertical wellbores precisely and safely, cutting rock faster and smoother than conventional drilling methods and leaving boreholes that are easier to log, case and complete.

MotarySteerable™ directional control system
The MotarySteerable system is an innovation in rotary directional control technology that offers an economic alternative for rotary well trajectory control in a variety of drilling conditions.

Directional drilling motors
Whatever your directional drilling need—from short-radius to high-performance vertical and motorized rotary-steerable drilling—Weatherford‘s fleet of more than 3,000 directional drilling motors provide the right combination of torque, speed and flow capabilities to maximize reliability, power efficiency and downhole life expectancy, regardless of well type.


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