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Reinventing RFID

Radio frequency identification, commonly referred to as RFID, is a term used to describe a technology that uses radio waves to transfer data and commands from an electronic RFID tag that is attached to an object through a reader. Information is stored electronically and tags can be read several meters away. The ability to program a small RFID tag to control equipment has revolutionized the Oil and Gas industry, with Weatherford pioneering this technology in various products and services.

Weatherford RFID

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Rip Tide RFID

RipTide™ RFID Drilling Reamer

Weatheford’s revolutionary RipTide RFID Drilling Reamer is the industry’s first electronically activated drilling reamer and is designed to enlarge holes up to 25% beyond bit diameter while simultaneously drilling 

Weatherford Jet Stream Web Optimized


Building upon the success of our Riptide® drilling reamer, the JetStream™ circulation sub is the latest addition to our RFID portfolio, which uses RFID technology to enable repeated, on-demand tool activations. Unique, selective actuation makes it possible to operate up to 16 RFID tools, virtually eliminating tripping while improving efficiency and uptime. With no mechanical actuation devices inside the BHA, the sub provides full through-bore flow – a significant advantage when running multiple tools.

Smart Iron Man Optimized

Smart Iron™ Drill Pipe

Smart Iron RFID Drill Pipe sets the stage for instant access to the data you need. RFID technology allows for real-time monitoring and instant access to the technical specifications of tools, drillstring tally, run data, and usage history

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