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Drilling With Casing

Weatherford's drilling-with-casing (DwC™) system eliminates the need to trip pipe and bottomhole assemblies (BHAs), increasing drilling speed and reducing risk exposure by always having casing on or near the bottom. The DwC system simplifies well architecture by potentially reducing the surface casing size as well as contingency casing strings or liners. A casing string or liner can be eliminated by successfully drilling into or through a pressure transition or lost zone.

As reservoirs age, drilling hazards ranging from depleted zones with pressure transitions and hole stability problems become more prevalent. These issues add to an estimated 10 to 20 percent or more to drilling time. Additionally, conventional methods used to control lost circulation such as mud additives, pumping cement plugs, cementing, and resins can be time consuming, costly, and often ineffective.

Instead of fighting these archaic problems with archaic treatments, Weatherford improves drilling efficiency and ultimately reduces costs by analyzing drilling problems and engineering fit-for-purpose solutions for clients to effectively solve these problems.

Drilling With Casing System

Drilling Hazard Mitigation Tech
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