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Mechanized Rig Systems

Weatherford’s rig systems package a combination of experience and innovation.
Nearly 50 years of experience building casing and tubing tongs, including 25 years building drillpipe tongs, combine with the innovation of our Iron Derrickman® pipe-handling and offline makeup systems plus the creativity of the recently introduced UniTong ™ All-inOne solution. These add up to a game-changing offering of package options for advanced rig equipment that surpasses anything else available in today’s market.

Choose from a multitude of options for ultimate flexibility.
Weatherford offers a mechanized option for any rig environment. Our packages provide solutions for making up any kind of tubulars—from drillpipe to drilling tools, heavy-wall casing—down to small diameter and chrome tubing. Much of our equipment is interchangeable, and our innovative technologies are customizable by design to all types of rigs—from land rigs to jackups and from semisubmersibles to drill ships.

Our modular, plug-and-play approach to rig mechanization provides various combinations of positioning devices and power tongs, depending on the rig environment. This approach provides a specific tool for each individual task. Our fully integrated control systems not only provide operation of our equipment, but are completely compatible with the rig's drilling controls and zone management system to enhance safety and improve critical path efficiency.

Weatherford also offers the UniTong system, the world’s first field-proven, all-in-one tong that concentrically parks around the drill string, covering the entire area from connection to disconnection of the tubular. Three clamp housing models accommodate all pipe dimensions, ranging in size from 2 7/8-in. to 20 inch (7 cm to 51 cm) and a torque capability of 0 to 150,000 ft/lb (0 to 205,000 Nm).
Mech Rig Systems

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