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Managed Pressure Drilling

Today’s difficult drilling environments make wellbore construction a challenge. Drilling hazards—such as wellbore instability, lost-circulation zones, overpressurized formations, and shallow flows—can threaten the economics and operational viability of the well. Managed pressure drilling (MPD) is a highly successful means of mitigation for many of these problems.

We are the largest global provider of MPD services:

More technology. 
We began amassing the essential tools of the trade more than 40 years ago. Today our expansive portfolio of MPD equipment ranges from rotating control devices to a state-of-the-art Microflux™ control system.
More expertise. 
Drawing on our collective MPD experience and specialized training, our global team of highly skilled MPD specialists lend critical expertise to your drilling operations.
More Real Results. 
Since 1968, we have minimized nonproductive time and ended detrimental kick/loss cycles for clients around the globe. And in some cases, we have made undrillable prospects drillable. Visit our Real Results library.

Leverage Weatherford’s extensive portfolio of MPD equipment and associated expertise to maximize control of your wellbore’s pressure profile, mitigate multiple drilling hazards, and ultimately make otherwise undrillable prospects drillable.

Managed Pressure Drilling. More Productive Drilling.

SURE reservoir Is your well an MPD candidate?
Our SURE™ candidate selection  process simplifies the answer and quantifies the potential benefits.


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