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Weatherford Microflux™ Control System

Microflux™ Control System: Well Controlled. 
The Microflux control system provides a revolutionary change in the accuracy of measurement and analysis of flow and pressure data. It uses proprietary algorithms to identify minute downhole influxes and losses with an unprecedented degree of precision on a real-time basis.

The system enables drilling decisions to be made based on actual data versus predicted downhole environments, providing real-time monitoring of wellbore parameters.

The Microflux system makes previously undrillable wells drillable. It combines closed-loop technology with sophisticated, proprietary data acquisition and computer-controlled equipment to enhance rig safety and drilling efficiency to a level not attainable with standard drilling systems or even other managed pressure drilling systems.

Microflux™ choke manifold

The Microflux™ choke manifold is one of the key components of the Weatherford’s Microflux control system, which a fully-automated system that measures, analyzes and controls changing wellbore conditions in real time. 

Unlike conventional drilling where the fluid return is open to the atmosphere, the Microflux control system uses a rotating control device to keep the well closed, and subsequently the fluid flows through an automated drilling choke manifold.

The unique feature of the technology is its capability to measure return flow using a flowmeter installed in line with the chokes, and to detect either a fluid gain or fluid loss very early, enabling gain/loss volumes to be minimized.

The Microflux system helps achieve drilling program goals through its ability to precisely manage wellbore pressure and overcome the substantial drilling related barriers that have been inhibitive for years using conventional drilling practices. Drilling flexibility and safety are maximized, while risks and downtime are minimized.

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