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High-integrity casing strings to Total Depth


Weatherford’s Total Depth™ services change the way you reach planned depth . By integrating a breadth of well-construction technologies with multidisciplinary, engineering expertise we can help you get your casing string to total depth safely and efficiently, while optimizing well architecture– even in today’s more difficult drilling environments.
Total Technology. Weatherford draws from a full portfolio of industry-leading, well-construction technologies that enable us to accommodate a wide range of operating scenarios. 

Total Team
. We recognize that optimizing casing installations is about more than technology alone. That is why we also provide multidisciplinary, engineering expertise and service excellence to ensure life-of-the-well solutions for your most difficult reservoirs.  

Total Track Record
. We have supported high-integrity casing string installations in many difficult applications across the world; including deepwater, extended-reach drilling, HP/HT and shale. Using this extensive field experience, we help our clients achieve, and often exceed, operational objectives.

Total Depth Video

Total Depth Right
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