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Oil Country equipment combines field proven features with innovative designs developed in response to customer needs. From tongs, spiders, and elevators to hooks, Oil Country delivers the equipment you need to maintain productivity. Our quality assurance program meets API standards which ensure superior inspection and quality standards for materials, processes, procedures, testing, engineering, and product design.

Center Latch Tubing Elevator
Heavy Duty Rod Elevator

Load-Locking 100-Ton Tubing Elevator

Electronic Explosion-Proof Torque Gauge System

Heavy Duty Rod Hooks

Rod Handling Accessories

Sucker Rod Wrench

Blocks and Hooks

Big Eye Links
Weldless Elevator Links
Power Units

Inverted Snubbing Spiders
Tubing Spiders

Closed Head Tubing Tongs
Open-Face Tubing Tongs

Open Head Tubing Tongs

Power Sucker Rod Tong

Three-Jaw & MS Back-Up Tongs

Well Servicing Equipment

Well Site Tech
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