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Our extensive portfolio of conveyance systems, coupled with industry-qualified measurements, are being applied to open-hole and cased-hole wireline, slickline, LWD, well testing and geoscience services.

Our open-hole wireline services include the Compactsuite of logging tools—reliable, smaller and slimmer systems that allow efficient acquisition of high-quality data from both conventional and highly deviated well paths.

The Weatherford® LWD logging-while-drilling system provides the most accurate petrophysical measurements in the industry, including state-of-the-art azimuthal density imaging. Additional tools and sensors include the industry's only spectral gamma ray measurement sensor, a multi-frequency resistivity sensor, a thermal neutron porosity sensor and the industry’s most robust and reliable LWD sonic sensor.

Our cased-hole wireline services help analyze and monitor well performance and determine appropriate intervention and remediation activities, as well as thru-casing evaluation.


Weatherford's newly integrated geoscience competencies provide analysis and interpretation backed by world-class laboratory facilities to maximize oil and gas assets for the life of the well, from well planning through drilling, evaluation, completion, production enhancement and abandonment.

EarthView, our versatile portfolio of high-quality wellbore imaging services, delivers high-value, near-wellbore information—no matter how remote, challenging or risky the well. State-of-the-art wellbore imaging technology, combined with the industry's broadest range of conveyance options, gives EarthView the flexibility to provide you high-quality well data in even the most demanding applications.

Our integrated laboratory services include wellsite sampling, core management services, geomechanical analysis and the evaluation of unconventional reservoirs.

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