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Borehole Seismic Services

Weatherford’s borehole seismic services can help you achieve a better understanding of your field at every phase of development, make better decisions and ultimately, maximize recovery. Our capabilities include the planning, execution and interpretation of vertical seismic profile (VSP) and microseismic surveys in observation and treatment wells. Additionally, we offer permanent monitoring for producing wells.
Delivering Data at Each Phase of the Well Lifecycle
During the exploration phase, borehole seismic surveys such as VSPs complement other datasets to provide a holistic image of your reservoir. Collectively, that information can help you to determine well placement and optimize completions. In the development phase, borehole seismic surveys such as microseismic surveys play a critical role in improving the effectiveness of stimulation treatments. And, in producing wells, our permanent monitoring services contribute to maximizing life-of-well recovery. To learn more, download Weatherford’s borehole seismic services brochure.

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