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Perforating, Tubing-Conveyed Perforating and Propellant Stimulation

Weatherford offers both wireline and tubing conveyed perforating services to convey high-performance perforating guns and charges into the well. We also offer related propellant stimulation services, used to treat zones with drilling, cement or perforation damage and to initiate formation breakdown to aid hydraulic fracturing by reducing or removing tortuosity. With a wide array of perforating technologies to choose from, we will work with you to select an approach that makes sense for your operating environment and your needs.
Wireline Perforating
Our portfolio includes multiple wireline perforating systems. The SwingJet II system delivers the performance of a large-diameter casing gun, while eliminating the need to pull tubing from wells. Its pivot-mounted charges run through tubing, then deploy in the casing. The Xtreme Orienting Tool (XOT) can accommodate dual completions and highly deviated environments. Like other magnetic and electromagnetic orientation tools, it positions zero-phased guns to perforate a casing string without hitting adjacent strings in the same borehole. The Sure Fire detonation system eliminates damage commonly associated with top-fire or quick-change detonators. Ported hollow steel carrier (HSC) tools can be used with special techniques, including burr-less perforating, which produce smooth entry holes for ball-in limited-entry fracturing.
Tubing-conveyed perforating (TCP)
TCP allows operators to optimize well flow through the detonation of high-performance, deep-penetrating shaped charges that maximize perforation length and entry hole size. It is highly cost effective, permitting long intervals to be perforated in a single trip, saving substantial rig time. We offer a complete line of TCP systems for use in routine environments, fluid-sensitive formations, highly deviated or horizontal wells and underbalanced conditions. Our systems can be tailored for any combination of gun diameter, length and shot density.
Propellant Stimulation
Our propellant stimulation tools use controlled dynamic pulses of high-pressure gas to maximize well productivity. Their clear perforation tunnels extend multiple fractures and back-flush the area surrounding the wellbore. These tools also present a cost effective option for well clean-up and evaluating interval potential. The primary tools we use include the propellant stimulation tool (PST), the StimTubetool and StimGunassembly. In addition, we use a supporting computer modeling service—PulsFrac software—to evaluate the effects of dynamic fracturing.
Similar to the PST in its external configuration and ignition method, the StimTube tool is designed for through-tubing applications, specifically when an external protective carrier cannot be run. It contains a perforated support tube that adds rigidity and ruggedness to the propellant, without interfering with propellant ignition.
Our StimGun assembly simultaneously perforates and stimulates the well. A cylindrical sleeve of propellant is placed over a specially configured perforating carrier. The pressure wave generated by the perforating charge ignites the propellant. Gas from the propellant enters the newly created perforations, breaking them down and stimulating the formation.

*SwingJet is a registered trademark of Jet Research Center, Inc.
*StimTube and StimGun are trademarks of Marathon Oil Company
*PulsFrac is a trademark of John F. Schatz Research & Consulting, Inc.

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