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Propellant Stimulation

Propellant stimulation services are used to treat zones with drilling, cement or perforation damage and to initiate formation breakdown to aid hydraulic fracturing by reducing or removing tortuousity.

Propellant Stimulation Tool (PST), StimTube™ tool and StimGun™ assembly use controlled dynamic pulses of high-pressure gas to maximize a well's productivity. The tools’ clear perforation tunnels extend multiple fractures and back-flush the area surrounding the wellbore. PulsFrac™ software, a supporting computer modeling service, evaluates the effect of dynamic fracturing on the rock.

StimTube™ Tool
Although similar to the PST in its external configuration and ignition method, the StimTube tool is configured for through-tubing applications where an external protective carrier cannot be run. The StimTube tool contains a perforated support tube that adds rigidity and ruggedness to the propellant. The support tube does not interfere with propellant ignition.

StimGun™ Assembly
StimGun Assembly simultaneously perforates and stimulates the well. A cylindrical sleeve of propellant is placed over a specially configured perforating carrier. The pressure wave generated by the perforating charge ignites the propellant. Gas from the propellant enters the newly created perforations, breaking them down and stimulating the formation.

The propellant stimulation tool (PST), StimTube tool and StimGun assembly provide cost-effective solutions for cleaning up wells and evaluating interval potential.

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