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Open-Hole Services

Weatherford provides precise, accurate subsurface evaluation services—during or after drilling in open or cased hole—with an integrated, efficient approach that focuses on maximizing your asset's potential.

Open-hole services feature proprietary systems that provide the superior data you need to increase recoverable reserves. A plan is only as good as the intelligence you start out with. So how is your formation information? Is it up to date, accurate? And how long can you rely on it? Ensure that your data continually measures up. Reconfirm your geologic models. Determine changes in zonal characteristics: compartmentalization, pressure regimes, fluid composition. Get a clearer picture of horizon productivity.

Weatherford’s precise, accurate open-hole logging services include resistivity, nuclear, acoustic, borehole geometry, magnetic resonance, imaging, formation sampling, data delivery and advanced interpretation.

These services are provided by two ranges of complementary equipment: standard and Compact™ tools. Standard tools are based on OD tools greater than 3 3/8-in., with upper limits of 20,000 PSI (137.9 MPa) and 350°F (177°C). Compact equipment is based on the latest technology in 2 1/4-in. sondes, providing unrivaled access and unique methods of conveyance, including memory operations.

Weatherford named 2010 Queen’s Award recipient for innovation.

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