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This service is provided by two ranges of complementary equipment: standard and Compact™ tools. Standard tools are based on OD tools greater than 3 3/8-in., with upper limits of 20,000 PSI (137.9 MPa) and 350°F (177°C). Compact equipment is based on the latest technology in 2 1/4-in. sondes, providing unrivaled access and unique methods of conveyance, including memory operations.

Standard Tools
The high-resolution, borehole-compensated sonic (HBC) tool measures formation acoustic compressional travel time along the wellbore to enhance understanding of formation porosity and lithology. The HBC acquires formation acoustic velocity from pulsed acoustic compression waves, which provide measurements for interval transit times and porosity conversions.

The monopole-dipole array (MDA) sensor measures compressional, shear and Stoneley slowness in fast, medium and slow formations in a single pass. It combines beam-steering monopole transmitter technology with frequency-selectable, dual-dipole transmitters. The sensor features a patented, semi- rigid isolator (to eliminate tool arrivals) and separate, configurable receivers for monopole and dipole arrays.

The vertical seismic profile (VSP) system provides a quick and cost-effective method of integrating surface seismic observations with subsurface well information. Able to operate in open or cased hole, the integrated, portable VSP system looks ahead of the bit for overpressure or target zones; provides lateral views to help define structural features; such as faults and dips; provides detailed seismic imaging around the borehole; and calibrates depth and time for p- and s-wave modes.

The Compact sonic sonde measures formation compressional slowness (inverse velocity) at five spacings with 1- and 2-ft vertical resolution. Data quality is maintained at high levels over a broad range of environmental conditions, thanks to a combination of high transmitter output, real-time despiking and cycle stretch compensation.

Weatherford’s Compact™ cross-dipole sonic (CXD) tool is the industry’s slimmest acoustic-array tool with full waveform monopole, dipole and cross-dipole acquisition. The tool aids the industry in ensuring access to acoustic data for petrophysical evaluation, reservoir characterization, geophysical application and geomechanical analyses in conventional and challenging well types, using assured conveyance technique options. 

The CXD tool is the industry’s only 2.25-in. monopole/CXD tool that can be deployed with or without wireline to acquire compressional, shear-slowness and fast-shear azimuth.



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