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Formation Testing

This service is provided by two ranges of complementary equipment: standard and Compact™ tools. Standard tools are based on OD tools greater than 3 3/8-in., with upper limits of 20,000 PSI (137.9 MPa) and 350°F (177°C). Compact equipment is based on the latest technology in 2 1/4-in. sondes, providing unrivaled access and unique methods of conveyance, including memory operations.

Standard Tools 
The selective formation tester (SFT) tool obtains an unlimited number of formation pressure samples and up to three fluid samples in one run. The SFT tool is equipped with both standard pressure gauges and precision quartz pressure gauges.

Sidewall core guns provide fast and efficient collection of formation core samples. With gamma ray correlation and shoot-on-the-fly capabilities, these tools quickly obtain valuable geological information. Core guns increase the accuracy of formation rock analysis over simply catching drill cuttings.

The rotary sidewall coring tool (RSCT) retrieves undamaged formation core samples for reliable, accurate and detailed formation analysis. The innovative wireline technique replaces percussion core guns as a means for obtaining unaltered formation samples. Percussion core guns can damage cores, making it difficult to obtain reliable porosity and permeability information.

The flow rate tester (FRT®) tool uses a downhole pump for extracting wellbore and formation fluids to obtain accurate pressures and uncontaminated fluid samples. In open-hole applications, the FRT tool can test all potential formations in one descent, improving test results with real-time measurements and saving rig time by providing timely answers. The FRT tool is also H2S rated, which makes it safe in sour formations.

The Compact repeat formation pressure tester (MFT) measures formation fluid pressures for use in permeability and fluid contact determinations. Each tool contains a high-accuracy quartz pressure gauge and a high-precision strain gauge.  The MFT is smaller, lighter and easier to operate than conventional tools, providing a faster, safer, more streamlined service. Its unique design automatically centers the body of the tool to give optimal pad application for reliable seals and reduced risk of differential sticking.

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