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Petroleum Consulting

The Petroleum Consulting service operates in over 30 countries, supported by nearly 400 geoscience and engineering experts with years of combined technical experience in both conventional and unconventional plays.

This unique combination of oil and gas technical expertise and breadth of global experience sets us apart in our industry.  With proprietary frameworks and extensive software knowledge, our consultants work to develop solutions tailored to your specific reservoir challenge anywhere within the E&P lifecycle.

Our services include four distinct disciplines: Consulting Services, Interpretation and Processing, Real-Time Data Services, and Well Engineering Project Management.

Consulting Services (CS)

Consulting Services offers a multidisciplinary network of engineers and geoscience experts across the globe that can solve your most challenging subsurface issues.  With deep experience over a breadth of domains, combined with Weatherford’s suite of differentiated technologies, we will help answer technological questions over the life your organization’s unconventional or conventional assets such as:

• Are hydrocarbons present?
• What are the economics?
• How do we reduce the time to first production?
• How can we maximize recovery?
• When should we sell or abandon the asset?

Services and offerings include: Prospectivity Analysis, Reservoir Characterization, Geo Prospect Analysis, Reservoir Characterization, Geomechanics Services, Field Development & Revitalization Planning, Well Performance, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), Reserves Progression, Asset Optimization, Economics and Risks Analysis, Unconventional Reservoir Consulting, Plugging and Abandonment, Joint Industry Projects
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Interpretation & Processing Services (IPS)

Weatherford is a premier provider of a range of formation evaluation solutions designed to inform critical operational decisions that will help you monitor, understand, and optimize the performance of your well.  Our trained analysts use advanced processing and interpretation technologies to deliver results which incorporate borehole imaging, acoustic, petrophysical, or well integrity based data from a number of sources.

Our portfolio of Answer Products, which combine the technical expertise and experience of our Consultants with the intellectual property of our R&D department allow you to gain valuable insights into your reservoir – such as defining reservoir and petrophysical properties, completion and production planning, and well integrity.

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 Real-Time Data Services

Real-Time Data Services (RTDS) integrates formation evaluation and drilling optimization data across a common, web-enabled platform.  Real-time data provides key information to make accurate, time-critical decisions to help avoid potential hazards and manage costs effectively while optimizing performance.

To enhance reservoir understanding, integrated data streams, such as Mud Logging, Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD), and Logging-While-Drilling (LWD), can be viewed in a secure environment through a web browser with remote, 24-hour monitoring by Weatherford experts. For management, concurrent dashboards consolidate the data in simple formats, enabling quick and timely decisions.
RTDS services include:

 Real Time and Depth Based Data Monitoring
 Real Time Drilling Operations
 Real Time Log Interpretation
 Real Time Well Monitoring
 24/7 Monitoring Support
 Document and Report Management

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Well Engineering Project Management (WEPM)

We recognize that our role as a service provider in today’s market is about more than technology alone. It is about acquiring a deep understanding of your challenges and using sound engineering principles to develop technical solutions specific to each project. This process allows for informed decision making, proper well planning, and service delivery and execution.

Our WEPM capabilities and offerings range from Explore Engineering (FEED studies) to engineering well solutions, which include hazard risk mitigation and elimination, and geomechanics.  We specialize in well re-engineering and project management of well delivery from initial optimized planning to final project execution and management.
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