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Data Distribution

COMSTAR™ service provides Weatherford's clients with real-time communications between the well site and the office. It is the human link between any field location and client, staffed around the clock in Houston and Calgary. Data can be delivered to users through a secure Internet system to a Web-based database or by fax or courier. Simultaneous voice and data transmission can be processing even during logging. Decisions can be made on the spot, without travel to the well site or waiting on couriers.

With PreView software data custom formatted Client data view, using PreView software, worldwide has achieved more than 150,000 downloads since implementation in 2000. COMSTAR services also provides data reformatting (LAS, DLIS, LIS, ASCII) and data archival (NetApps).

At the well site, deliverables include LAS diskettes, high-quality film and prints, borehole volume integration and true-vertical-depth logs. Standard interpretive,analyses run at our computing centers, incorporate open- and cased-hole logging data, production results and core data. Experienced log analysts direct every interpretation for optimal formation evaluation.

Acoustic waveform analyses interpret data from sonic tools, determine rock mechanical properties and optimize fracture stimulation design for maximum reservoir recovery.

CS400 Data Acquisition System
The CS400 data acquisition system is a high-performance workstation base that produces high-quality formation evaluation data for open- and cased-hole applications.

Nexus Logging System
The Nexus logging system is a state-of-the-art, fully integrated system for data telemetry, acquisition and processing in open-hole applications. Information is transferred from downhole to surface at high data transfer rates. Real-time, high-quality data is integrated through telemetry, acquisition and processing. High-bandwidth, full-duplex communications with versatile tool combinations increase the logging speed.

The Inter-Tool bus enhances communications between tools. Powerful data processing provides real-time information for timely decisions as well as rapid processing of complex logging data. Multiple data presentations appear in full color.

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