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Production and  Produced Water Systems

Weatherford provides complete production solutions for field development and / or production optimization projects. Our engineering consultancy services and project management extend through construction to commissioning and operations for:

Early production facilities (EPF) provide a fast track solution to accelerate cash flow. Rapidly designing, constructing and operating these complex, often remote installations takes a broad skill set of technologies, engineering skills, project management and logistical strength. Weatherford EPF proficiency includes extensive in-house experience and historical data that helps analyze various field development scenarios, concluding in a design that meets our clients short, medium or long term requirements.

                                       Early Production Facility

Our engineering services include; Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) planning,  through to detail engineering and EPC style contracts but often with a Lease, Operate and Maintain (LOM) option.

Production and Produced Water Systems allow Weatherford to provide complete turnkey project services, from the tendering phase through to project commissioning. The end results are fast, cost-effective delivery of production facilities and early cash flow for our clients. These services and skills also extend to true integrated contracts where Weatherford’s global reach and breadth of services benefit clients that want to minimize their number of contracts and their associated interfaces.

For permanent, semi permanent or extended well testing facilities both on and offshore, Weatherford provides plant and rotating equipment for your safe reservoir exploitation. The scale of the facility is only limited by our ability to transport the plant.

eval Testing-EPF Facility
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