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Surface Logging Systems

Weatherford is a global leader in high-quality mud logging services. Mud logging is an interpretive science involving the detailed analysis of the rock cuttings and hydrocarbons carried to the surface by the drilling fluid. This valuable information helps the wellsite team and stakeholders determine the presence of oil and gas, reduce reservoir uncertainty, mitigate hazards and optimize drilling efficiency. We understand that the analytical skills of our wellsite crews—the human element—plays a critical role in the quality of our mud logging services.

Experience Breadth
Detailed cuttings analysis and gas detection can be expanded to include reservoir evaluation services to reduce the guesswork inherent in drilling and completing oil and gas wells, and drilling optimization services that minimize unexpected events and wellsite risk.

Experience Innovation
Our unique, innovative surface systems provide you with better data, which translate into better decisions. We invest substantial resources in R&D to remain at the forefront of surface logging technology.

Experience Quality
We cultivate our own talent. Mud logging requires individuals with unique skill sets, so we provide our specialists with competency-based training that complements their field experience.

As a result, you have access to a global team of highly qualified mud logging experts.

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