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Well Testing and Production Services

Weatherford acquires critical well-performance data for our clients during testing operations. From high-pressure sour-gas condensate to heavy oil reservoirs our extensive experience, combined with the optimal equipment, ensures our clients’ objectives are met.

Well evaluation helps operators better understand the key elements of their drilling projects, including reservoir permeability, wellbore skin, dual permeability systems and reservoir limits. Weatherford provides equipment to secure our client’s data requirements during their testing programs, no matter how challenging.

To address our own and our client’s environmental objectives, we have developed in-line testing systems that allow significantly reduced emissions with export of the produced hydrocarbons, enclosed flares for an increased burn efficiency, and solids removal systems that can reduce or eliminate the need for flaring.

Our stimulation recovery service combines well cleanup and testing for greater efficiency, reduce cost and enhance reservoir evaluation. One single unit can handle abrasive solids, corrosive liquids and effluents while allowing our crew to perform complex well test operations.

eval Testing-Production Platform
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