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Our intervention services help remediate wells that have mechanical or formation problems. We help prolong the life of these wells by providing systems to extend production or access and to retrieve remaining or “stranded” oil and natural gas reserves.

MetalSkin® solid expandable cased-hole liner systems answer mature-field challenges by permanently repairing corroded or parted casing. The threaded expandable tubular joints can be connected to create a system of any length. The system is a permanent solution that bridges the gap between cement squeezing and scab liners while conserving hole size.

The versatile, field-proven QuickCut casing exit system consistently delivers faster, more reliable exits while minimizing costly well possession time. The QuickCut system combines a single-trip, full-gauge milling system with a single-angle concave that incorporates multiple anchor options. The benefits of this system are reduced rig-floor time, one-trip efficiency and increased ROPs.

Weatherford's StarBurst™ multilateral systems provide cost-efficient re-entry alternatives to drilling a new well, reducing drilling costs and delivering more reservoir exposure and recovery for the money. These practical, simplified multilateral systems create a Level 3 or 4 junction with full-liner access to the lateral bore.

The PowerStroke milling system was developed as an innovative, cost-saving solution for straightening or aligning shifted casing sections in a single run. It is particularly advantageous when subsidence shifts casing strings, and casing is collapsed and buckled.

Advanced suspension, milling and cutting technology in our abandonment and decommissioning services minimize rig time and recycle the wellhead when combined with versatile and highly reliable expertise.

Weatherford’s CLEARMAX™ wellbore cleaning services engineer a clear path to optimize your completion and maximize production. 

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