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QuickCut™ Casing Exit System

The Next Generation In Casing Exit Systems 
For years, Weatherford has been a leader in developing and installing casing exit systems around the world. True to tradition, we are now introducing the QuickCut system in response to the industry’s need for improved milling performance1 and faster penetration rates in tough-to-drill formations while maintaining gauge of the milling assembly.

Advantages of QuickCut Technology:

Reduced rig floor time
The QuickCut system is designed for safe, quick rig floor makeup.
One-trip efficiency
Orient, anchor, mill the window and rathole in a single trip, by design.
Increased penetration rates
Aggressive lead mill geometry is enhanced through insert placement.
Multiple anchor options
The QuickCut system lets you choose mechanical bottom-trip, hydraulically set, permanent or retrievable packers for zonal isolation2.
Less rathole, more rathole
Complete the exit in hard formation with a minimum of 3 ft, or increase departure when sidetracking in medium formations.
The QuickCut system offers two reliable options with the longest, most consistent record of success in the industry.

1 Contact your local Weatherford representative regarding optimal milling/drilling performance.
2 Some anchoring options not available in all sizes.

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A Cut Above

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