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Weatherford Electric Wireline

Weatherford has the most comprehensive and advanced fleet of wireline equipment available to the industry. We offer a full range of standard equipment together with our new generation of fully containerized offshore units. Among the advantages of the fully containerized combination units are reduced operating costs, maximization of well uptake, zone capable, reduced manning levels and enhanced safety.

In conjunction with our cased hole services logging cabins, we can offer a full range of electric line services with our modern multi-functional fleet of wireline units. We can also offer an inter-changeable .125", 7/32", 9/32” and 5/16" logging capability on several of our modern multi-functional wireline units. We are fully committed as a company to increase our multi-functional capability in this way and offer this progressive, cost-effective service to our clients.

Our new containerized units are equipped with the latest technology in digital depth control, weight and tension monitoring technology.

Products and offerings include:

  • Perforating and Mechanical Services
  • Pipe Recovery Services
  • Logging Services
  • Formation Evaluation Services

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