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Fishing Services

Introducing MillSmart technology, featuring CustomCut™ inserts, because each job is different.
Weatherford’s MillSmart milling technology is an engineered approach to milling that encompasses a wide range of proven products, services and technical resources, developed and refined by the world’s largest and most experienced provider of milling and fishing services. MillSmart technology is based on a tremendous amount of milling data—gathered by Weatherford’s worldwide Performance Tracking System and used to create best practices for almost every imaginable application

CustomCut carbide inserts are cut out for the job.
Milling- or cutting-grade inserts are available in various configurations and geometries. Our advanced mill engineering and Weatherford certified welders ensure a consistent and durable cutting surface on every mill and rotary shoe we produce.

Fast and Thorough Well Repair
Weatherford has the most comprehensive line of Fishing, Milling, Casing and Tubing Patches, as well as Decomissioning tools in the industry. Located in most petroleum provinces around the world Weatherford Fishing Services offers our customers a combination of the right tool, experienced personnel, service quality second to none, and a committed QHSSE philosophy.

When you call Weatherford Fishing Services you’ll get the job done right the first time.


Fishing Services Tool
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