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Heavy Duty Wireline

Weatherford has the most comprehensive and advanced fleet of Heavy Duty Wireline and surface pressure control equipment available in the industry.

We offer HDWF services to remove a wide range of wellbore obstructions, including stuck flow-control devices, slickline and braided cable. HDWF presents a more efficient, cost-effective alternative to workovers and to coiled-tubing (CT) fishing.  

HDWF applications:

  • Retrieval of stuck flow-control devices
  • Recovery of lost Slickline and Electric Line tool strings
  • Recovery of Slickline, Braided Cable and Electric Line lost in the wellbore
  • Recovery of Coiled Tubing strings and bottom hole assemblies (BHAs)
  • Installation and recovery of stackable perforating systems
  • Large-bore sand bailing
  • Setting of various flow-control devices
  • Memory tool deployment

Innovative Equipment
Our HDWF tool kit enables us to enhance performance and efficiency while minimizing the surface footprint. We incorporate High Strength Dyform cables and premium toolstring configurations capable of delivering extremely high impact forces—a key element of fishing. Modular by design, our systems also offer a high degree of flexibility and can be modified as required to suit your specific operation.


Drawing on more than 20 years of HDWF experience and extensive training, Weatherford’s highly qualified HDWF specialists provide support through all phases of your operation; from planning stages through to the execution of the operation the specialists will engineer a solution identifying surface and downhole tooling requirements to provide a solution to return your well to production.               

Planning for Contingency – Solution in a Toolbox
In addition to using our services to provide a more efficient, cost-effective fishing alternative when needed, Weatherford can prepare standby fishing-toolbox tailored specifically for your well program and deliver them to the site of your operations. These packages are assembled in advance of your planned workovers, completions, perforating programs and high-end well interventions. If you experience an unscheduled event requiring fishing services, our fishing packages offer multiple benefits, such as reducing mobilization time and minimizing nonproductive time and associated costs. The toolboxes and Fishing Specialists can be mobilized anywhere around the world to any location to provide you with a solution.

To learn more about Weatherford’s heavy-duty wireline capabilities and solutions, click here

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