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Weatherford Production Logging Services

Weatherford supplies extensively field proven Production Logging Tools (PLT) that provide the customer with highly accurate data sets of downhole production information. The PLT string can also be run in realtime or, by simply changing the telemetry tool for a memory section, in memory mode on slick line or coiled tubing.

A variety of sensors are available to meet your logging requirements including the capacitance array tool, which provides three-phase flow monitoring across the wellbore cross section, ideal for highly deviated wells.Full post logging interpretation can be provided using a software package which can also generate quantitative multiphase analysis with logs.

Spectral Saturation Tool - SSwT
The SSwT well logging system is a high-energy, neutron induced compensated capture gamma ray spectroscopy instrument that provides accurate water saturation measurements and formation fluid identification. The SSwT, coupled with a straightforward interpretative technique, accurately predicts fluid production even when applied to the most difficult shaly sand lithologies. For a more detailed look at this tool, its features and benefits click here

Products and offerings include:

  • Capacitance Array Tool
  • Continuous Flowmeter
  • Enhanced Collar Locator
  • Fluid Capacitance Tool
  • Full Bore Flowmeter
  • Noise Logging Tool
  • Nuclear Fluid Density Tool
  • Production Gamma Ray Tool
  • Production Roller Centralizer
  • Quartz Pressure Tool
  • Temperature Tool
  • XY Caliper Tool
Production Log

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