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Thru-Tubing Casing Exits

Wellbore Departure Solutions
The use of a wellbore departure as a planned operation to enhance single-wellbore production using whipstocks was a natural progression for the thru-tubing casing exit technology because of its economic attractiveness. The technology has since evolved from a simple window through the wall of the casing to complex multi-exit and multilateral operations that allow a complete network of producing zones to tie back into a single parent bore. As a result, an operator can tap into zones previously unavailable using conventional drilling and completion methods, which enables more effective management of the life of the well.

Weatherford has established itself globally as the market leader in thru-tubing casing exit technology. Weatherford’s thru-tubing and monobore departure solutions can provide a cost-effective alternative to plugging and abandonment and can increase the life of the well.

Working in conjunction with our coiled tubing technology group, Weatherford can deliver seamless integrated intervention solutions to your most challenging situations.

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