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Thru-Tubing Packers

Wellbore Isolation Solutions
Weatherford’s isolation solutions span all facets of the industry’s need for packer and plug systems in intervention applications. These solutions fall into two basic categories – in-tubing and thru-tubing:

  • In-tubing applications are performed inside production tubing or in any type of liner with a diameter that is equal to or smaller than any dimension above it in the completion.
  • Thru-tubing applications are performed through the production tubing and into casing or a liner that has an ID that is significantly larger than that of the production tubing.

Both in-tubing and thru-tubing are further separated into two applications:

  • Remedial applications, such as acidizing, fracturing, squeezing, and tubing testing.
  • Completion applications in which systems such as sand control systems, velocity strings, tubing patches, insert gas lift and jet pump systems are installed in the existing completion to extend the life of mature wells.

Working in conjunction with our coiled tubing technology group, Weatherford can deliver seamless integrated intervention solutions to your most challenging situations.

Thru-Tubing Pakers Tool

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