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Wellbore Cleaning Services

Wellbore debris is blamed for a third of all failed completions, effectively depressing your bottom line through remedial workover trips, downhole equipment failure, not to mention the risk of a plugged or otherwise damaged formation crippling production.

Weatherford’s new CLEARMAX™ wellbore cleaning services provide a clear path for production with chemical, mechanical and hydraulic technologies that reduce operational costs, eliminate formation damage, and protect personnel and the environment.

With Weatherford’s CLEARMAX wellbore cleaning services, you can be confident that your well has been Engineered Clean™.

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The Clear Choice
Chemical Solutions – Our Engineered Chemistry® product offering is the foundation for the CLEARMAX  line of wellbore chemical-cleaning solutions.

Mechanical Solutions – Regardless of the cleaning scenario, our CLEARMAX systems offer the mechanical solution to meet your needs. Our proprietary line of casing-cleaning, debris-extraction, circulation and wellbore integrity-validating management tools are designed for the most challenging and complex wells.

Hydraulic Solutions – Our Engineered Clean™ hydraulics software is a vital component of all debris management operations. It ensures that our chemical and mechanical solutions are optimized to your operation.

Our CLEARMAX wellbore cleaning services are a major component of our intervention offerings.

Wellbore Cleaning CLEARMAX
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