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COROD® Continuous Rod and Well Services

Weatherford’s COROD continuous rod is one of the world’s leading well-optimization solutions for reciprocating rod lift (RRL) and progressing cavity pumping (PCP) applications. A superior alternative to conventional sucker rods, COROD continuous rods offer several distinct advantages—including revolutionary design features, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and innovative global service options. For you, this translates to maximum efficiency and lower operating costs.

COROD Continuous Rod and Well Services

Revolutionary Design Features - Simply put, COROD continuous rod is superior by design. Higher-quality materials, a variety of specially optimized metallurgical grades, the broadest spectrum of sizes and proprietary semi-elliptical rod offerings.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Processes - We maintain the strictest controls, at every level of production, in our own cutting-edge facilities. As a result, our manufacturing and quality-control standards exceed those of anyone else in the industry.

Innovative Service Options - Only Weatherford integrates comprehensive services, included with your continuous-rod purchase. Quick mobilization, high levels of automation and a globally based equipment fleet enable tremendous cost-saving advantages for our clients.

Uniform Body Design - COROD strings require only two connections: one at the top and one at the bottom. As a result, contact loads are dispersed throughout the entire rod string, which significantly reduces tubing and rod wear. That means fewer costly well interventions and a longer lifespan for the rod assembly.

Larger Annular Space - The elimination of couplings, centralizers and rod guides creates a larger annular space between the production tubing and the rod string. This minimizes pressure losses, which increases system efficiency and reduces production costs.

Lightweight String Design - Compared to conventional sucker rods, COROD strings are considerably lighter in weight, reducing the amount of strain on the surface unit.

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