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Alpha VSRD Multiphase Flowmeter

Alpha VSRD Multiphase FlowmeterWeatherford’s Alpha VSRD is a technological breakthrough in multiphase metering that offers improved accuracy and simplified operation compared to other products on the market. By combining traditional Venturi and gamma densitometer technologies with Weatherford’s innovative sonar and Red Eye® technologies, the Alpha VSRD excels where other multiphase meters fall short. These key technologies improve flow-rate measurements and dramatically reduce sensitivity to varying fluid properties thereby eliminating the need for frequent recalibrations. For trouble-free wellhead flow measurement or separator replacement, the Alpha VSRD multiphase flowmeter is the right solution.

Alpha VSRD Multiphase Flowmeter Features

The Alpha VSRD flowmeter is fully integrated. The flow computer maintains all fluid and set-up parameters and reports real-time oil, water and gas rates, as well as produced volumes at line or standard conditions. The data are available on the touch pad display and via Modbus®. Low power consumption and high ambient temperature rating make it suitable for solar panel power and desert applications. The meter also includes remote pressure seals on the meter body to reduce the chance of plugging. It is designed for Class I, Zone 1 hazardous locations.

  • Cost effective
  • Robust
  • Large turndown (ratio of maximum-to-minimum flow rate) up to 10:1
  • Broad operating envelope
  • 2- to 10-in. line sizes

Alpha VSRD Multiphase Flowmeter Applications

  • Individual well monitoring. The Alpha VSRD flowmeter provides a cost-effective means of tracking real-time hydrocarbon production data from each well.
  • Test separator replacement. The compact Alpha VSRD multiphase flowmeter is an ideal replacement for bulky test separators, especially for high-pressure or corrosive well streams. Furthermore, because there is no need for purging, well tests can be performed in less time, which translates into more frequent tests of your critical assets.
  • Wet gas or multiphase. Unlike other multiphase meters that cannot operate on high gas wells, the Alpha VSRD meter handles any gas/liquid ratio. It is a wet-gas and multiphase meter in one. This feature is key for slugging wells that fluctuate between gas-dominant and liquid-dominant flow regimes.

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