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Gas Lift Valves

Used for intermittent or continuous gas lift, and tubing or casing flow applications, Weatherford offers a complete line of McMurry-Macco™ wireline-retrievable and tubing-retrievable gas lift valves. Injection-, differential- and production-pressure operated valves are available along with specific application valves such as pilot and constant flow valves.

This comprehensive product line is available in 1-in. and 1-1/2 in. sizes with selected 5/8-in. OD models for slimhole applications. In addition, all valves are available in various materials and packing options to match specific downhole requirements. Special Dump Kill Orifice Valves, installed in side pocket or tubing-retrievable mandrels to establish a on demand controlled communication between the annulus and tubing without well intervention come in both wireline-retrievable and tubing-retrievable versions with 1-in. and 1-1/2 in. OD models.

No matter what the application, Weatherford has the right valve for the right application. Our technical experts, equipped with the latest evaluation software and engineering support are ready to address all of your gas lift requirements.

Injection-Pressure-Operated Valves

  • Wireline-Retrievable Models
  • Wireline-Retrievable High-Pressure Models
  • Tubing-Retrievable Models

Differential-Pressure-Operated Valves

  • Wireline-Retrievable Proportioning Differential Model

Production-Pressure-Operated Valves

  • Wireline-Retrievable Models
  • Tubing-Retrievable Models

Pilot-Operated Valves

  • Wireline-Retrievable Models
  • Tubing-Retrievable Models

Constant Flow Valves

  • Wireline-Retrievable Models

Orifice Valves

  • Wireline-Retrievable Models
  • Wireline-Retrievable High-Flow Models

Reverse Flow Check Valves

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