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Heavy Oil

The world’s heavy-oil and oil sands reserves are equal to remaining conventional oil reserves. Producing heavy-oil reserves at an economically viable cost is a recognized industry imperative. Heavy-oil and oil sands production relies on many of the same drilling, completion and production technologies and techniques applied to conventional reserves. But the E&P operator developing a heavy-oil field has some unique technical challenges to address, such as high temperatures associated with thermal recovery, lifting of high-viscosity crude, sand control, produced water and solids management, and environmental stewardship.

Weatherford helps you address these challenges when development techniques include cold production, cyclic steam stimulation (CSS), steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD), and cold heavy-oil production with sand (CHOPS). Offering a single-source integrated portfolio of heavy oil-focused, highly productive products and services, coordinated by a multidiscipline engineering team, Weatherford enables you to economically produce the previously unproducible–in all parts of the world.

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