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Hydraulic Lift

High Volume, High Depth
Recognized for their versatility and ability to operate in high-volume, high-depth environments, Weatherford Hydraulic Lift Systems provide extraordinary flexibility in installation and operation to meet a broad range of artificial lift requirements. Offering both jet and piston hydraulic lift systems ranging from operating depths of 0 – 20,000 feet with volumes from 10 – 35,0000 BFD, Weatherford’s hydraulic lift capabilities encompass are designed to maximize production and reduce lifting costs.

Fluid Power
Weatherford Hydraulic Lift Systems consist of a surface package, and either a downhole Jet or Reciprocating Piston Pump. While the jet pump has no moving parts, which makes repair cost negligible, both classes of pumps operate multiple wells from a single package. A major advantage to either system is the ability to hydraulically circulate the pumps to the surface for maintenance. This dramatically reduces well downtime and completely eliminates pulling unit expenses associated with retrieving a bottomhole pump.

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