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Precommissioning and Commissioning

We offer a full range of precommissioning services, and have long been the service-provider of choice for pipeline construction companies looking for reliability, safety and quality.

Our precommissioning capabilities include:

Pipeline cleaning - using chemical or mechanical methods to remove deposits or debris to ensure optimum flow and efficient throughput.

Pressure filling - using forced flooding or free-filling methods.

Pressure testing - multiple techniques, using water, air or nitrogen.

Dewatering - after hydrostatic testing, using advanced design to drive nitrogen or air.

Drying - using chemicals, on-site generated nitrogen, forced air or vacuum to lower internal dew point.

Purging - using our proprietary non-cryogenic nitrogen process to effectively and completely purge the pipeline prior to commissioning, capping or abandonment.

Weatherford’s Temporary Air Compression Stations (TACS) boasts the largest fleet of purpose-built air compression equipment in the world. The fully stand-alone TACS includes feed compressors, air dryers, high-pressure boosters, coalescing and carbon bed oil removal filters, flow meters, centralized remote monitoring system, fuel pumping and distribution system and all support facilities (electrical generation, lighting, etc.).

After we have completed the pipeline precommissioning process, we can assist in commissioning the line.

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