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Field Office™ Software Suite Overview

The Field Office suite is a progressive concept of consolidating operations and engineering with unprecedented depth in individual applications that gives operating companies a path towards total field optimization. The Field Office initiative was introduced to help exploration and production companies optimize production across all well types (naturally flowing or artificially lifted) in every producing basin in the world. This breadth of scope is demonstrated in the suite with the addition of visualization and analysis for thermally produced wells in response to the industries continued adoption and development of thermal production. Additionally, significant advances to our artificial-lift analysis workbench (AWB) functionality address the fast evolving requirements in shale (both gas and liquids) production.

The primary goal of the suite is to assist operators and engineers in optimizing producing assets through combination of both real-time and mathematical simulation models to minimize lifting costs and downtime. In the continuing effort to reach the ultimate software for production optimization, each year additional features are added to the suite in response to customer needs and industry evolution.

New in the 2012 Release -Applications on a Platform

Operations in upstream continue to evolve in both their complexity and integration, while operators strive for balance between efficiency, safety and production. Key in meeting this challenge is the capability to view both engineering and real-time operations as a unified system through common data management and usage. The Field Office suite is taking a significant step forward through the integration of our applications on the industry’s most widely held enterprise operations platform (EOP). Purpose-built for the management of time-series based information, the EOP is the common platform which links design and well and field operations into a cohesive functional suite designed to operate and optimize assets across every form of production.

Numerous applications in the Field Office suite have experienced significant enhancements, both in terms of function and interoperability. On the following pages, selected new features are highlighted for each application, building both on the investment to date and feedback from a wide range of worldwide operators. We are confident the Field Office software suite represents the most complete system for production operations and optimization available.

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