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CygNet® Measurement

To support the increasingly dynamic environment of changing market conditions and supply and demand processes, rapid data validation and publishing of volume measurement data to both operational and business stakeholders is required, challenging traditional volume measurement systems and processes.

To meet this challenge, CygNet Measurement software delivers timely and accurate measurement data from all electronic flow measurement (EFM) devices in the field, for use in the validation and volume reconciliation function for custody transfer. Latest versions of all required American Gas Association (AGA) volume calculations are supported.

CygNet Measurement Functions

CygNet Measurement real-time volume measurement, validation and estimation
  • Custody transfer
  • Individual meter or device flow measurement
  • Calculations include AGA3-1985, AGA3-1992, AGA8-Detail/Gross, NX19 and AGA7
  • Rich, flexible reporting including standard reports for configuration, events, volume roll-up, missing data and hourly, daily and monthly volume
  • Real-time data validation
  • Optional estimation of missing, late, or bad quality data

CygNet Measurement Advantages

  • Works seamlessly across multiple market segments for the processing of production measurement data
  • Simplifies, informs and automates analysts’ jobs and enables them to solve operational problems as they occur
  • Delivers the most timely and accurate data possible to optimize and empower business processes, such as supply and demand balancing, gas balance and billing and capacity optimization
  • First measurement system to be seamlessly integrated with a full-featured SCADA solution, eliminating complex and risky system upgrades

CygNet Measurement Benefits

  • Increases automation of your data-refining process to reduce effort and risk
  • Maximizes data analysts’ effective review and verification process through a highly informative user interface and process-based workflow
  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and integration risk through an integrated suite of applications
  • Maximizes business opportunities with timely, accurate data that invokes high confidence in the decision-making process

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