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RamPump™ Multiphase Booster Pump

RamPump Multiphase Booster Pump

The RamPump  is a duplex piston pump that operates using a hydraulic power system and can be driven with a gas engine, diesel engine or electric motor. This unique hydraulic drive design allows the pump to handle a wide variety of produced fluids including up to 100% gas and sand across a broad pressure range without prior separation. The benefits of this type of system are most apparent to production companies wanting to lower operating pressures of wells to maintain or even improve production but do not have the space to install separators, flash tanks, compressors, liquid pumps and vapor recovery units to achieve the lower well head pressure (WHP) desired. The RamPump alone can be used to lower the WHP on a well by creating a low pressure zone between the well and the high backpressure source such as a long flowline or downstream separator thus minimizing equipment requirements.

The RamPump can also be used in special industrial applications with low NPSHa such as fluids operating at its flash point and compressible fluids with entrained gas that could be damaging to conventional pumps.


  • Handles 100% gas or liquid
  • No mechanical seals
  • Exclusive injectible packing system
  • Removeable cartridge style check valves
  • Extremely solids tolerant design
  • Modular design allows interchangeability of hydraulic systems across all pump sizes
  • High pressure rangeability
  • Hydraulic drive with 0-100% turndown


  • Lowering wellhead pressure without separation
  • Full wellstream pressure boosting
  • Wet gas compression
  • Produced gas re-injection for gas lift
  • Well kick-off
  • Remote site process equipment optimization
  • Low NPSHa fluids transfer
  • Compressible fluids transfer such as gels, foams

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