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Reservoir Monitoring

We offer a complete range of downhole permanent sensors and gauges through our OmniWell™ family of products to address the wide range of well applications found in today’s modern production environments.

Optical sensing systems offer value for hostile well environments, particularly where well intervention is costly, if not altogether impossible. Optical sensing technology is a robust solution when dealing with commingled production from multiple zones, high-temperature/high pressure (HT/HP) and high-rate gas wells. Vibrations (V) from high-rate wells do not affect the performance of the sensors. Optical systems can integrate pressure and temperature with multiphase flow measurements, distributed temperature, downhole seismic and remote flow-control capabilities.

Quartz and SOI electronic downhole gauge systems offer flexibility while prioritizing overall well economics. Permanent monitoring of artificial lift applications, reservoir pressure monitoring, free-flowing wells, multi-zone applications and onshore and offshore platform wells are all typical candidates where temperatures and pressures are in the moderate to elevated range. Our quartz and electronic gauges have been continuously improved, through innovative engineering practices, to increase life expectancy while decreasing infant mortality.

Our OmniWell solutions span simple to complex applications, from low producing assets to wells generating thousands of barrels per day and/or millions of cubic meters per day. Whether you need a single-point pressure/temperature (P/T) instrument to accentuate pump-off control or the ability to accurately measure temperature, pressure and flow in a HT/HP multizone well with optical sensing, we have the right solution.

For each unique application, we provide a fit-for-purpose system to fulfill the requirements. The common thread to all our solutions is the wide operating temperature range and the engineered-in reliability and accuracy demanded even in extreme environments. We use only best-in-class components to ensure repeatable quality for years of continuous service. Weatherford systems and solutions provide real value in all well phases of both brown and green fields.

In addition to downhole gauges, subsurface systems and sensors, we also offer robust and flexible instrumentation solutions for the accumulation, display, transmission and storage of acquired data. These surface systems can be stand-alone or compatible with legacy SCADA and communication systems. Downhole measurements can be part of a well or reservoir system or part of a comprehensive field optimization solution. The combination of downhole measurements with surface data and control systems enable better long-term management of the well, reservoir and field.

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